How hungry next time?

This crazy place where gold sits in plain view beside an ideal

And a hungry man steals the ideal

Makes from it a simple piece and wears it proudly in the streets

For everyone to admire.


How hungry must he be to let gold hang from someone else’s neck

To leave it on the field

To let it gild marble walls and lofty altars

And languish in vaults?


How hungry to toss together rickety foundations of refuse

And mounting them, raise a naked fist

To a smiling sky

That showers golden stardust on the sated

And leaves the famished to die?


How hungry must he be, next time walls fall

To leave gold to the rubble

And build something of value

Beneath the smiling sky?


Jason Anderson, 2014


Age of Enlightenment

Light casts shadows naturally, mediating the material

Ages of enlightenment cast shadows aside, banished

To the past, where we the enlightened find vindication

And the future, when we hope to stand under a higher sun


By Jason Anderson

A Criminal Grammar

The comma of a yoke just light enough

Seems bearable against abrupt sacrifice

To heads worn smooth by idle thought

In balance with truth, justice and the lives

Of students and the dispossessed

A light yoke yet writes the poetry of relief

On young hearts, and social idealism

Which is detained roughly

Criminally tried

Sentences full of abbreviated nouns

And aborted verbs are handed

Down by the upright and shy of sacrifice

While in far-off lands clear-eyed poets

Decry tyranny and the use of semi-colons

In equal measure; they walk free

And pay no fare




By Jason Anderson

They will rise up

Nowhere nothing not anyone to follow the gaze

the gaze long gone yet still I stare why not where’s

the rest of me to go now I’m gone glaring at

the paving stones why don’t you rise up

why don’t you rise up damn it

the young let to wash old mens’ soles you lie

under hooves and tyrants and when the street

rivers blood shrug it to the sewer you won’t stain

like winter breaking a fall your job is done.