On remembering

When the wind blows loose

Thoughts that spin

Like golden leaves

And trees whose veins

Remember summer

Are shaken

By the cooling breeze

The serrated pond

Reflects nothing

Forgets the goose

And its landing

Returns the sun

To the nodding reeds

When before tumbling

Afternoon morning breathes

Its last upon the water

I remember

Autumns past

That blew through

These same trees

Scattered the same sun

And in time when leaves

And night and winter fell

Slept the same

And remembered the same

Forgetting dreams


©2014 Jason Anderson


Writing myself anew

Chair in snow 2007

I write myself a new story

Along the original lines

Some words and phrases

Showing through


Old ideas I scratch out

Madly or editorially

Leaving a brief thought

If it reminds me


Alone in this room

Kids laughing and yelling

Beneath my window

In the snow


Thaw my resolve

I must keep writing

White snow and voices

Clear as bells.


Image: author (2007)
©2013 Jason Anderson

Killer on the Loose

Author’s note: I struggled over whether to post this short poem, but maybe someone can relate to it.

Killer on the Loose

A whisper haunts

Mind’s moonlit curtains

It spooks the cobwebs

Remembers itself anonymously

A musty breath or gasp

It stalks, unseen

Preys unheard

In its ungodly heart

How it screamed!

But then ears were small

Were its palms open or closed

Little difference

I live

See curtains, feel breath, smell must

Hear nothing

It has swallowed its roar

Deadlier in perverted memory

Than in form


©2013 Jason Anderson

The Doldrums

Dark and cold they run

without ripple or murmur

but mark they run

tide ebbs and tide flows

they’ve said and done nothing

all’s well in the lee waters

choked with sea grass

cradling, rocking you drowsy

in the salty sun

that chills at its corona

stay in just the right spot

in the lee of the breeze

to feel warm.

These waters are placid.

So safe

you could forget

and choke in sea grass

float still, a corpse

cradled, gently rocked

without  murmur.

Say nothing

do nothing



Silent all’s well waters

mark they run

though flat and dark

remembering always nothing.

©2013 Jason Anderson