City of God

4 train at Grand Central 42nd Street

City of God

Into the breach again

All ties dissolved behind

Ahead a platform, a staircase

A daylight world

Of unformed possibility

A swirl of probability

When I don’t fall I throw myself

I forgo sunglasses, preferring

You see my eyes

What you’ve created

The beauty, the depth

The endless blue

At a certain distance

Blurred by a tear

Of recognition

That I am created

That what I see is only beauty

Stark, effortless

And human

Moving, climbing


In the filth, in the sharp

Voices and guarded glances

Sirens, hawkers and

Wide-eyed children

In abject weariness of overload

And the poverty

Of disconnection

In the rubble of

Walls that crumble


At the gentlest touch

Of something human

I reach out, creator

At the strangest moments

To test the give in a wall

Dig a little dusty mortar

From between heavy stones

Moisten it with a tear

And build a home


©2014 Jason Anderson


Wonders at the Windows

Wonders at the Windows

I wear the dry must of a house

Long closed in upon itself

And though each morning I practice

Throwing all the curtains wide

This façade still wears its foreboding

To ward away surprise visitors.

Something in my guarded heart

Still craves salvation

Like a sheltered adolescent

Imagining who would break in

To rescue me – as if I could choose!

When only pirates and thieves

Break down doors

Not the boy next door, who

Wonders at the windows

When I will come out

So he can accidentally cross my path.

©2013 Jason Anderson