On remembering

When the wind blows loose

Thoughts that spin

Like golden leaves

And trees whose veins

Remember summer

Are shaken

By the cooling breeze

The serrated pond

Reflects nothing

Forgets the goose

And its landing

Returns the sun

To the nodding reeds

When before tumbling

Afternoon morning breathes

Its last upon the water

I remember

Autumns past

That blew through

These same trees

Scattered the same sun

And in time when leaves

And night and winter fell

Slept the same

And remembered the same

Forgetting dreams


©2014 Jason Anderson


Age of Enlightenment

Light casts shadows naturally, mediating the material

Ages of enlightenment cast shadows aside, banished

To the past, where we the enlightened find vindication

And the future, when we hope to stand under a higher sun


By Jason Anderson

A Criminal Grammar

The comma of a yoke just light enough

Seems bearable against abrupt sacrifice

To heads worn smooth by idle thought

In balance with truth, justice and the lives

Of students and the dispossessed

A light yoke yet writes the poetry of relief

On young hearts, and social idealism

Which is detained roughly

Criminally tried

Sentences full of abbreviated nouns

And aborted verbs are handed

Down by the upright and shy of sacrifice

While in far-off lands clear-eyed poets

Decry tyranny and the use of semi-colons

In equal measure; they walk free

And pay no fare




By Jason Anderson

Shake the World

shake the world


’til its birds

come loose

from the trees:

a thunder

of tiny



By Jason Anderson