Flash poem and a brief word about my favorite subject

No, it’s not another poem about Flash boys and luminous men, although there is potential there. “Flash” just means I wrote this in an instant right after the precipitating event. It’s even time-stamped.



At this black hour

The bird first takes to song

His voice remembering

Bright the dawn


A mea culpa.
Try as I might lately to keep up, I slip behind on reading blogs. Apart from normal everyday (he says, tongue firmly planted in cheek) life and trying to keep writing, I’m scrambling to find a new job, and recently acquired a nasty bug. My doctor assures me it’s just a cold, but drama queen that I am I bought a headstone just in case. I didn’t have them fill in the year of my death, because I’m not a betting man. But I did have an epitaph inscribed:

He lived among heroes

When people talk about me long after I’m gone — maybe even at dinner after the funeral — maybe they’ll have some fun trying to figure out what I meant by that. You see, I don’t generally have a reputation as a rosy optimist. It’s my “Rosebud” moment.

Quick, true story.
I went to a local convenience store yesterday and the kid — ahem, young man — behind the counter was wearing a Captain America t-shirt.

“I like your shirt,” I said.

“Thanks. It’s my roommate’s,” he said with a slight blush. “All my clothes are in the laundry.”

I thought, well isn’t that exactly how you become a hero. Maybe not a superhero, that takes secret government programs, jacked-up spiders or exploding homeworlds. But you get my drift.




16 thoughts on “Flash poem and a brief word about my favorite subject

      • Yes, I have family there, and they’ve struggled with the job situation… there’s just not an industry there, or any technology companies there… which is a shame… it’s a nice place to live.

        Any thoughts about where you might move to?

      • Yeah, it’s impressive how effectively this state drives businesses away to MA and CT.

        I’d love to end up in NYC or Chicago, but the whole country is in play. I actually applied for a job in Tulsa. If someone would even acknowledge having received my resume, it’d be a start *gulp*. It’s still dead out there I guess…

      • Not at all — it’s direct/database/loyalty marketing. I helped run a small agency for a while and more recently I’m a consultant…but after 7 years working out of my apartment I’m anxious to rejoin the human race 🙂

      • I like the solitude, but, can understand the need to have some human interaction …

        Denver isn’t Chicago, or NYC, but we’re more fun than Tulsa. 🙂 And, our job market is pretty decent .. at the beginning of the recession we got hit, but we rebounded quickly, and have been doing well since — the housing market still is a bit iffy, but, our unemployment rate is lower than the national average…

  1. “When people talk about me long after I’m gone — maybe even at dinner after the funeral — maybe they’ll have some fun trying to figure out what I meant by that.”

    I think this is what I’d like when I’m gone, for those who really knew me to sit down to discuss what I wrote, what I said, what I meant, why I did the things I did, discussion, discussion, discussion. I’d like to fire up the hearts and minds of those who need a swift kick in the butt so as they will drive harder and faster and not be afraid of what’s to come.

    • “…and not be afraid of what’s to come.” I wonder how much misery in the world has been created by that fear alone. I tend to deflect by being tongue in cheek a lot, but seriously I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Awwww, poor Jason – all you got going on, and sick too? Your funny bone is still nice and pointed I see, very funny and endearing post and I love your epitaph – but, where exactly does one store a headstone whilst waiting? Hmmm. Forty.

    • I think they keep it planted in some grass at their facility. Hey, I could go visit my own gravestone — that seems like a very poetic thing to do! Thanks as always for stopping by — by the way it only recently hit me where you’re based, I thought you just kept odd hours 😀

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