Know What I Mean, Terrapene?

I read a post about a pet box turtle very late last night, and this is what my brain did with that data. They’re pretty agreeable creatures, so I’m not sure what made me decide to pick a fight with a non-existent one. It’s nothing personal, and I’m certainly no Terrapenophobe. I wonder if I should get more sleep, or less?


Know What I Mean, Terrapene?

What are you lookin’ at,


You can’t even

Box, turtle

Don’t be starting something

You can’t finish

Know what I mean?

I’ll put you in a

Box, turtle

You’ll be a shell of your

Former self

Unable to show your face

Around here

Or anyplace else

Though you dream

dragon dreams

You’re nothing but

A hard-nosed tadpole

Things roll off your back

It’s round

But not you, you can’t!

Wobbling around

On your back

For eternity

No wonder you can’t

Meet a nice girl turtle

A fox turtle —

Plus your name is Terrapene

See she smiles

When I say that —

She knows.


©2013 Jason Anderson


2 thoughts on “Know What I Mean, Terrapene?

  1. I love this. “No wonder you can’t Meet a nice girl turtle A fox turtle” Great few lines!

    Something’s in the air. This is the second blog I’ve read today with turtles as a theme. I’m not sure what it is, must be something in the water. But anyway, like I said, loved this!

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