Always be Batman


Always be Batman.

Superman or Batman?

Slightly off topic: I want to call dibs — Iron Man 4 with Jay Gatsby as the villain. I’m so writing that.

So that’s me holding a venti dark roast labelled Batman, instead of my name, by an observant Barista. I recently asked some folks the question  “Superman or Batman?” and figured I’d answer it too. While I can see both sides (and I’m a pretty big superhero fan in general), if I had to choose one it would be Batman every time.

I identify with Batman because he’s human and he’s not sure. It’s not a foregone conclusion that he’s always right, or even good. Characters in the Dark Knight universe refer to him as an idea but I think that’s a faulty word — he’s a template. Anyone can be the Batman. Even Michael Keaton, and Tommy from 3rd Rock from the Sun. (It has to be true, Christopher Nolan may or may not have said so).

“Anyone can be a hero.”

He’s a template.

And Iron Man is a rockstar.

Ok, I’ve been slacking off a little this week, but stand by for some more poetry…


10 thoughts on “Always be Batman

  1. I’m strictly a SuperMan fan but I love Bruce, But would Spock be considered a Super hero? He has Special powers and has saved the world countless times…….. Can you imagine Darth Vader and Spock going at it that would be something to watch……… (And I am officially knighted Super 🙂

    • I like your more inclusive definition of “superhero” 🙂 Vader versus Spock…hmm, the Force is a powerful ally! But Spock always seems to have a trick up his sleeve… That could be a nailbiter. (PS, I fixed ‘Spoke’ and deleted your other comment. Excitement is always encouraged)!

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