This started out as kind of an airy, fun poem, but I spilled coffee on it and had to wring it out. It’s a little twisted. Surprise. On the bright side, I spared you the cover photo…

PS: WP just proudly informed me this post is my 51st, which means I paid no attention to a little milestone one post back. Woohoo!



Possum on the centerline

no more parts to play

some here, some over there

none lauded or missed

when the headlights died.

One in a million

one of a million.

Susie wants to know:


did he go to heaven?

should we bury him?

does his mother miss him?

no —

did it hurt?

she asks.

Will it hurt.

Susie doesn’t play possum.


©2013 Jason Anderson


5 thoughts on “Possum

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