The Accidental Hero

Not everyone will become a hero, but they will come to respect a world that can be saved.


The Accidental Hero

When you are interviewed

on the subway platform


don’t say, I was in the wrong place

don’t say, I don’t know how

don’t say, I can’t take credit. Say,


I saw crime being perpetrated

strode up steel-chested

pushed down the purse-snatcher

set the old lady on her way, all

without a second thought

(metaphorically speaking).


Having accidentally given

the world a hero remember

mortal heroes are accidental

a hero isn’t what you are

your most heroic task becomes

to not deprive the world of one.


©2013 Jason Anderson


10 thoughts on “The Accidental Hero

  1. Awesome! You’ve captured the real definition here: “mortal heroes are accidental”. Nothing quite like seeing a hero in the making when the chips are down. Great poem!

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