Rookie Mistakes

Pawtucket Red Sox against Buffalo, 2010

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It’s a night off from poetry, and in its place something almost unheard of from me: a post about my life.

As background, over the past six months just about every area of my life turned inside out, upside down or was otherwise upset. It’s mind-boggling how thorough the upheaval has been. That’s mainly part of another story, a Long Story, which I’ve all but promised to tell soon. Yeah, I’m cagey like that. Sorry. Suffice it to say I’m tired, I’m a little panicky and I might be prone to making highly visible rookie mistakes in the exact places I most shouldn’t.

Today, as part my Upheaval Response Plan, I applied for a job for the first time in seven years. It’s a great fit for my skills and background, it’s just up the road, and I know several people who are very happily employed by this organization. They say it’s a great place to work.

Like I said, my background and skills are a perfect match, and I whipped up a flawless letter to cover my solid resume. As I clicked that button that sent my application whooshing magically to the hiring manager’s desktop, I was feeling pretty good. Four minutes later I wasn’t feeling so hot anymore.

I spelled the company’s name wrong.

Not somewhere inconspicuous, either — I did it right out front, in the address section of the cover letter. Yeah, there.

Did I mention the job involves ensuring printed materials adhere to corporate standards? Proofreading, too.

I can only hope it goes unnoticed until the hiring manager has read the letter, my resume and the application, because they really are pretty good. I used to screen and interview candidates for similar work, and honestly if I had a nice healthy stack of applications on my desk, and one of the applicants did what I just did, I wouldn’t read any further. That was essentially company policy. And maybe it disqualifies some terrific candidates who just made a stupid mistake in highly visible real estate (moi), but for Pete’s sake. It’s the name. of. the. company.

I’d love to interview for this job, but if that’s meant to be, it’ll be. At least one thing is certain: I’ll always triple check the name of the company I’m applying to from now on. I might get my name wrong, but not theirs!

And I have faith deep in my heart that this and everything else is and will be ok, however it all decides to work out. I just wish I could convince my brain.


3 thoughts on “Rookie Mistakes

  1. Tell that brain of yours that perhaps, just perhaps, that is the one thing that grabs that little persons attention on the other end. They may not notice, and maybe they will and you get the interview anyway. I hope so!

    • I’ll attempt to get that through my thick head. I was going to write something really sarcastic and funny but suddenly realized I’m public and could be Googled by a prospective employer. From now on that’s my go-to excuse for being boring…

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