Father and son fishermen, Fort Adams, Newport RI

Photo: author (2003)

I’ve been dealing with some personal issues the last day or so, so I’m throwing an older poem into the mix. I wrote this ten years ago according to the date in the notebook (October, 2003), which means it was one of the first I ever attempted. Coincidentally, I also took the accompanying photo in October, 2003.



What’s left now

The deeds all done?

I could redo them

One by one


Or turn away

And think again

Before tomorrow

Turns into then


And begin to feel

Accept the sorrow

And the rage

I fight to swallow


Dim the lights on

Revenge’s stage

And step beyond

That costly play


Into a world

Where love surrounds

The faults of men

And grace abounds


Abandon hate

And precious shame

To win my soul

Back again


Write not of bitterness—

Leave untold

Any base story

That creates me unwhole


And look within

To the morning

Of the heart’s

Incomparable glory


Let time’s spring

Thaw nature’s art

And simple peace

Rejoin apart.


©2013 Jason Anderson


6 thoughts on “Crossroads

    • Thanks Kim! I saw your paper vs ‘puter post and kept meaning to go back to it…I use the computer mostly these days, but I still love pen and paper. There’s something reassuring about it, like it’s more “real” 🙂

      • I agree Jason. I find poems work better for me on paper. I tend to write words and then move them about, like they are trying to find their right home. Plus, I like that once they are on the paper, they can’t go anywhere! How many times I have deleted something and then wanted it back!

      • That’s interesting. I think I actually like the computer better for poems and screenplays since it’s so easy to move stuff around a lot. But it is easy to lose track of what you’ve done. For denser text, definitely paper. But in all cases, year, paper feels more permanent and more secure. Old school!

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