Death March

There’s something I’ve been dealing with lately about which I can think of one hundred reasons to keep my mouth shut, and only two to speak up: because I need to, and because someone, somewhere might need me too. I’m amazed how difficult it is sometimes to honor those two reasons, even though often when I take the risk someone responds: “me too.”


Death March

Me too.

When I confide, finally

With great trepidation –

What will he think?

That I’m broken?

Damaged goods?

Will she think I’m tainted?


Will they stay or go? –

So often comes the answer

I’m least expecting:

Me too.

Me too.

My God, who are all these people

Beating us,

Raping us

Leaving us by the roadside

Of silent death

Listening to the passing footfalls

Of comrades


Brothers and sisters

Mortal enemies

And friends?


©2013 Jason Anderson


13 thoughts on “Death March

  1. Brave and beautiful piece! Weirdly, I’ve been sitting on a short story. I’m afraid I lack the courage to share it but am wanting to all the while. Hmmm. It hurts to write, but feels lighter to get a piece of it out.

    • Thank you! It took longer to screw up the courage to push the “post” button than it did to write it. But I have yet to tell my “long story” in plain english…also a bravery issue. Maybe I’ll trade you a long story for a short one… 😉

      • It’s probably written (a few times over) in my head…one of these days it’ll all spill out. I don’t really mean to pressure you though — some things need to wait until it’s time. 🙂

      • Where did you get your wisenessness from Jason? You look too young to be so seasoned! No pressure… the thing is, I do want to share it, I feel like it needs to go, but I am worried about those that know me reading it. Including the two little people I made!

      • Three weeks you say *note to self*. That’s exciting! I guess it’s nice to have someone to blame wrinkles and grey hairs on huh? Although, I think mine come from laughing too too much, and worrying even more! 😉

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