Why do little poems sleep all day and start clamoring for attention the minute my head hits the pillow?



There’s no trap door, no tripwire

no snare waiting to be sprung.

You can step where you will and I will

not react



©2013 Jason Anderson


2 thoughts on “Tripwire

  1. I really like this. I can sense a story behind it without needing to know what it is. And I agree about poems coming at night. The other day I wrote one somewhere between 3:30 and 4am and edited and posted it after finally sleeping. It’s when my mind finally stops being distracted by other things and is free to go where it really wants.

    • Thanks so much your kind comment! 3am seems to be prime time for me, but late night in general is a magical medium. If only the rest of my life didn’t insist on taking place during “normal” hours 🙂

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