This is an Anthem

The sun

Photo: author.

This might be more of a song, but since it’s National Poetry Month and I haven’t posted any poetry, I’ll call it a poem. Its tortured rhythm could be a result of listening alternately to “Some Nights” and “Carry On” by Fun. while I wrote it.

Be loving. Be strong.


Don’t look for me when I’m gone

The me in your eyes wasn’t me

I was in your eyes all along


And your eyes aren’t wrong


Once you were a little one

Your blue eyes hated the sun

You’re grown up today, blind anyway

So let it shine on


They’re going home, they’re on the road

Be gone they say if you can’t share the load

And travel on alone


You know somewhere deep inside

They took bets on your flagging pride

And hoped you would call it a draw


The math doesn’t hold

They’ve got a hundred truths

You’ve got one

And they swear they’re right

They’ve earned the blood they take tonight

Just lie back and feel the light

One last time


Yeah, raise your face with a burning pride

Let the sun be your guide

It always leads you to the sky


Now this is an anthem

This is a hundred choirs singing strong

A thousand drummers driving on the melody


It took forty years to get here boy

So why not make a hell of a noise

You’re not going home


Go on and blaze this empty road

With me forever in your eyes

I swear some days you’ll be alone


But your eyes aren’t wrong


©2013 Jason Anderson


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