How to Cook Dragon Meat

Innocence, c 1904, watercolour by Thomas Cooper Gotch

Why am I at King’s Cross today

They tell me that

I’ve lost my way

A million reasons

I have to stay

But I’m off to slay a dragon


Why do I thread this haunting wood

I’ve left behind

All that’s good

Nothing may end

As it should

But I must slay the dragon


Why do I brave this ferocious sea

Are wind and waves

The last I’ll see

The horizon’s blade

The end of me?

Not til I slay the dragon


After all, will I waste here

Amid sacks of teeth

And vials of tears

They taught me of don’ts

And of fears

But not how to cook dragon meat.


Source Image: Innocence, watercolour 1904 by Thomas Cooper Gotch [public domain via Wikimedia Commons]
©2013 Jason Anderson


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