And now for something completely different

In the interest of posting something I’ve decided to stray from screenwriting and film-related stuff a little bit. Or, a lot. Here are a few short poems. They’re not new, but this is the first time they’ve seen the light of day! Which would make them as pale as I am…


Ghost Town

It is half night;

A half-moon half hides

In partial cloud

And half the stars are out.

Old half-men half watch

The half-light fade,

Half-lost in half the memories

Of half-lived lives.



 Strapping and strutting

Making noise about nothing

Harsh noises, base nothings


Sticks and stones and

The rockets’ red glare

Worlds filled with targets and



 The Poet

Hold me, my love, I’ve sung all day

And emptied myself too much

What’s left is me:

Solid, weighty, graceless

A trumpeter albatross


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